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Friday, August 28, 2009

Benefits of Recycling Gold

By Morgan Robinson

There are many benefits to recycling gold. You can sell gold jewelry that is just sitting around collecting dust and make some money. Recycling gold is also good for the environment. Recycled gold is melted down to liquid form and then molded into a new product or piece of jewelry. Gold prices are at a all time high so you will be surprised at what you can get for the old pieces of jewelry that you have been saving.

The demand for metals is increasing at a faster rate than the mining industry can supply. Recycling of gold and other precious metals helps fill the gap between the growing demands and decreasing supply. When you recycle you also help save the environment by the not depleting more of our natural resources.

When they mine for gold it waste a lot of water; not only does it take an enormous amount of water it also contaminates the water sources it draws from. The majority of gold that is mined in the United States comes from Nevada. The Nevada Gold Mines consume more water every year than all of the population of Nevada combined. One gold mine can consume 100 million gallons of water every day. The harsh chemicals that are use to refine the ore further pollute the ground and destroy local ecosystems.

The mining process that is used to extract the ore from the surrounding rocks amount to a huge amount of waste; a large part of it is in the form of discarded rock that is saturated with chemicals and solvents. This means for every ton of pure gold that exists there is three million tons of waste to dispose of. Eventually the chemicals and solvents in the discarded rocks will find their way into our ecosystem. This in turn will affect native plant life and the animals in the area of the mines.

The end goal of any mining company is to process as much gold as possible and this means that the more they mine the further underground they have to go. This makes mining a determent to our natural resources. The profit is huge for gold so the mining companies use the last technologies and processes to get as much gold as quickly as possible. Even though they are mining more efficiently they are still depleting our natural resources. This is why recycling everything and anything we can, including precious metals is becoming more important every day. You can help to do your part for the environment by recycling you precious metals and looking for jewelry that is made with recycled metals. You can clean out your jewelry box and get rid of things you never wear and it will give you more space. You can always take the money from the gold you sell and purchase a piece of jewelry you have had your eye on. Gold recycling is a easy and fast way to recycle your unwanted gold jewelry and make some money at the same time. - 23212

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