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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seized & Abandoned Properties & Government Surpluses

By Clifford Carr

Seized properties and government surpluses are sold through government auctions to the public for low prices as determined by a bidding process. There are government auctions consistently held all across the United States and Canada. No matter where you live, there will likely be government auctions held near by.

The government surplus items sold at government auctions are items not required by the federal, state, and local government. These items can come from the government purchasing more than they needed, or technological equipment that has been updated.

Items found at government auctions can also come from businesses that have gone bankrupt. Many of these items found at government auctions can include furniture, computers, electronics, furniture, and miscellaneous equipment. Most people don't think of these types of items at a government auction, however, it's where you can get these types of used items the cheapest.

Seized properties can consist of foreclosures, bankruptcies, criminal properties, etc. These properties can also be purchased at government auctions. Depending on the circumstances the police may seize property if the owner is sentenced to jail.

There are many causes as to why a property could be declared abandoned including the owner leaving the property (usually because of property taxes, mortgage default or simply because the property is valued at less then his current mortgage), or the owner dies but there isn't any living family members on record.

You can find out where and when government auctions will be held in your state by searching the internet. There are many membership sites that will offer you details on the abandoned properties, seized properties, and government surplus items that will be offered at your local government auctions.

Make sure you read government auction reviews so you'll know which membership sites are the best. You will become educated on the best opportunities that government auctions can provide. - 23212

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