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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bulk REO Investing In Today's Market

By Jerome Pennix

Bulk REO Investing is becoming one of the most lucrative avenues of investment during 2009 and in the future. Bulk REO Investors profit by purchasing multiple (commonly called portfolios) of houses from lenders who have repossessed the houses and have urgent need to eliminate pressure from their balance sheets. Due to the dire emergency of the balance sheet needs of the financial institutions coupled with the investors capability to buy a package of REO houses rather than individual properties, its frequently possible for a well-capitalized bulk reo investor to get REO packages at definitely appealing prices.

Most investors make offers to financial institutions on the basis of a percentage of unpaid principal balance. This means that if they make an offer of 60 cents on the dollar for a package of mortgages with a remainder of $3,000,000 in principal balance, then they pay $1,800,000 to acquire that package.

At the conclusion of the reo portfolio transactions, investors own multiple properties which must then be monetized to bring a return to their portfolio. To do this, they typically resell the properties to retail home buyers via owner financing. By cutting traditional lenders out of their transactions, REO investors are able to sell their properties more quickly and at very appealing terms.

Try to learn when the banks financial quarter ends. This is when they report their quarterly earnings and financials and when most of supervisory management get evaluated for increases in pay. Just like any business, financial institutions dont want to show these underperforming properties on their books especially when their earnings reports are due.

Analyze the deals, determine what you want to get them for, and put in your second (or third) best offer (never offer your best offer first).

Negotiate until its a win for all: you get to have several properties at lower than market value the bank walks away with those deals off of their books just in time for the quarterly earnings reports to shareholders.

The future seems bright for savvy Bulk REO investors. - 23212

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