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Friday, October 16, 2009

Earn $1,000s /a Day with Forex Trading!

By Howard G. Platt 111

Forex Trading is fast becoming the new choice for a home based business opportunity. If you have never heard of Forex Trading before it is the act of trading currency in a global market. The Forex market is similar to the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ.

Forex Trading is typically carried out through a broker. Unlike NYSE the Forex market runs non-stop 24 hours per day 5 days a week. Foreign currencies are sold across local and global markets and it flows as one continuous action where currencies are bought and sold constantly. What's so unique about the foreign exchange market is that the market reacts almost instantly based upon real time events. This is what makes the market so volatile and an investors value fluctuate so quickly.

The basis of Forex Trading involves the trade of two types of currency. A profit or a loss with a trade is established by the Forex rate which is usually just referred to as the "rate." A traders objective is to purchase one currency based on the value of a second currency and then selling off the purchased currency when it's value exceeds that of the other currency. The rate is established between the two currencies being traded. For example a trader may buy 100 euros and the rate may be 1.075 at the time of purchase but for some reason the value of the euro drops resulting in a rate of .75 so the trader sells and he makes a profit of $32.50 US. Forex Trading can be extremely fast paced due to the fluctuations of the many economies that are involved.

Investors are attracted to the Forex Trading market due to the many opportunities to make high profit trades continually throughout the day. Another positive is that there are a lot of opportunities to make zero commission trades with short term Forex Trading. Investors also love the volatile nature of the Forex market as this opens the door to make high profit trades very quickly. The Forex is traded through a broker and over the years the capital that was needed to enter the market has dropped so low that many small time investors now have the opportunity to trade the Forex. The fact that the Forex is open 24 hours a day allows for a greater number of investors to trade on the foreign exchange market.

Forex Trading is a unique type of investing. If you were to look at a real estate investor you have someone who is investing in something tangible, they are investing with the intention of owning an asset. Trading Forex is based more on speculation, there is no real intention of taking possession of the foreign currency. The Forex trader is purchasing for the sole purpose of selling.

Analyst are constantly trying to forecast the behavior of the foreign exchange market and there are two basic approaches to this. You will find some traders in the market taking the technical analysis approach while others will follow more of a fundamental approach to predict price movements. However, the most successful Forex traders will combine the two which helps in long term and short term market predictions. Analyzing the Forex markets and its movements is big business in the US as many people will pay to receive top rated advice.

The Forex trader may analyze the market in a number of ways hoping to be able to predict the movements in the market. Some traders will focus on the fundamentals of the market and that just means that they are basing their trades on what is currently taking place in the economies around the world. Another popular method for analyzing the market is the technical approach and this is where an investor will study the history of the market through the use of graphs that map out the past movements.

The introduction of the Forex Trading Robot has really opened the doors to many new investors that would have otherwise never considered the Forex Trading market. As a result of the advancements in technology the accuracy of this type of artificial intelligence exceeds that of the majority of traders. Most investors stayed away from the Forex due to its fast past and the requirement of a large cash investment. However, more people are drawn to Forex Trading in the recent years due to the lower cash requirements and the potentially large profits from utilizing the advanced Forex robots. - 23212

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