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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is The Ugliest Emerging In The Real Estate Industry?

By Gavin J. King

Like a carnival free-fall ride that stops suddenly, teasing riders into a false sense of safety before plummeting the rest of the way to the ground, some economists say the housing market could once again be headed for a plunge after slowly clawing back some of its 2008 losses.

It is rare that a combination of government factors depresses the real estate market, but projections indicate a slump of 10-15% in prices may be coming our way.

After a 36 month departure from the peak of the real estate market, the topic is still real estate and the current trend in prices. The news is not good and may signal the end to the brief period of appreciation we had in 2009

Increasing its loan standards may seem counter intuitive to anyone who is familiar with the function of the FHA, and the changes it is proposing will make getting a home loan a little harder.

Trying to help the foreclosure rates, the FHA has increased its down payment required to buyers that don't have the greatest credit, while boosting the mortgage insurance premiums needed for its loans, and significantly lowering the amount of money for seller paid closing costs.

Conventional loan programs are having a hard time placing loans with qualified borrowers, who are turning to FHA financing for easier loans

Due to these trends many borrowers are considering the FHA as their only source available for financing their home purchases, which means the government will be backing even more loans than the already burdened Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac do. With conventional loan sources completing fewer and fewer loans on a daily basis, the necessity for FHA loan programs is increasingly supporting and boosting our real estate market and our economy in general. In a market where every cent can be important, utilizing FHA financing may be the best way home buyers can successfully navigate the tough world of real estate. - 23212

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