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Friday, January 22, 2010

JP Morgan Goes Against The Grain To Hire!

By Gavin J. King

With defaults on the rise JP Morgan is apparently hearing the beat of a different drummer, as illustrated by their recent announcement that they will be hiring over 1100 new loan officers this year. JP Morgan should be a familiar name to you since they are the Wall Street bank who used taxpayer dollars to acquire Washington Mutual for pennies on the dollar when the real estate market started crashing. Ringing a bell yet? Pretty sure it helped out.

JP Morgan also purchases the fallen Wall Street foe, Bear Stearns, after Bear was rejected for bailout fund by former Goldman Sachs head Ben Bernanke and his crony, Hank Paulson.

JP's main strategy states that the new loan officers will be strategically placed across the nation and will work from local loan hubs and banks. The confusing part is the reasoning for the hiring decision. They are reported to have claimed that they want to be able to most dutifully service and serve home loan seekers when the real estate market does turn around. That is not a verbatim quote, but it does convey the point.

All of this leads you to ask exactly what are they seeing that so many other are apparently not seeing? Every week people seem to be losing their jobs more than ever before? That does not make any sense to me, unless they know something not many other people do.

Since I have no choice, I now have to make my succinct point. With more money on their minds, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, among other banks, have been delaying or ceasing funding for real estate purchases to stimulate a market sensation in home buyers and sellers.

You frequently see these kinds of confusing moves when an accounting department is trying to hide something that they don't want divulged, but this action may signal a turn around for our national real estate market! - 23212

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