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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two Popular Orlando Areas

By Jack Chambers

Of all tourist destinations in all of USA, Orlando stands out as an icon of excitement and wonderment given its many places of tourist interest. Orlando is well known for Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios just to name a few. It also boats of warm, balmy weather and friendly people, which explains why the place is booming in terms of economic and construction activity.

Real estate in Orlando is one sector that is booming and it would make sense to check out some of the best areas in Orlando to invest in.


The original name of Kissimmee was Allendale. It was in'83 that the name of Kissimmee was given to Allendale. This area was first developed by Hamilton Disston of Philadelphia who helped to drain the area of swamps back in the'th century. As of now, Kissimmee is a bustling city of over 60,000 residents and boasts an airport, Amtrak and Greyhound station too. All these bear witness to the importance of Kissimmee to Orlando. Kissimmee is quite close to Disney World and Universal Studios that have undoubtedly contributed to its meteoric and spectacular growth in recent times. The Kissimmee National Park is also an added allurement for nature and bird lovers who flock here in large numbers annually. Apart from tourism, Kissimmee is also a local hub of commerce and industry, to which its growth can be attributed in no small measure. As far as real estate is concerned, one can choose from a number of upscale homes, mansions and condos to suit your specific taste and pocket too. At any given point in time, there are quite a few of these properties available for purchase or rent, which makes the job of investment hunting fairly simple.

St. Cloud

St. Cloud's history can be traced back to'70 and it is located in Osceola County of Florida. It's fairly rapid growth can be attributed to Disney World which is located nearby. Later, the locality added on many more places of tourist and vacationer interest like the Glades Adventure, Good Samaritan Village, Clarion Resort and Waterpark just to name a few. The warm and sunny climate is another enticing factor that just draws people to set up home here in large numbers.

St. Cloud boasts some of the best maintained and historically significant architectural buildings in the US. What's more, you also have the option of staying in a mansion that is over a hundred years old, but is still impeccably maintained and also reasonably priced. On the other hand, if modern homes are what appeal to you, St. Cloud will not be found wanting as it has so many recently constructed houses, condos and even large mansions that will meet your choice and satisfy your taste and budget too. - 23212

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