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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Five Basic Tips On How A Penny Stock Listing Make You Rich

By Malcolm Torren

There are stock market sites and blogs that tell you how you can earn from just a small cap investment. Of course, anyone who wants to get rich would understandably jump at the opportunity. But getting rich is not a quick scheme and no get-rich-quick books will tell you that it happens overnight. It does not happen overnight. Even if you think you have the most reliable penny stock listing in the world, it still does not guarantee financial wealth.

Many people get the misconception that millionaires, or at least those who are better off got luck. Luck has only a little to do with it. It's all hard work. There are even people who life a low profile lifestyle but have fat bank accounts. Then there those who claim that they got rich because they have a dependable penny stock listing and they want you to try it.

Study this carefully and don't get easily swayed by the hype. Today there are so many opportunists who would do anything to get a piece of your savings. The penny stock market is one of the attractive avenues for them. If you want to get rich from your penny shares, follow these tips:

- Do not spend beyond your means. Always keep in mind that the general rule of thumb is always to buy shares at low price. When the value appreciates and when the time is right, sell it. But do not use up too much of your savings. Just allocate portion of it. A safe margin would ten percent. And spend only for the list that you personally picked and not from those who suggested it to you.

- Learn the terms, the language, the slang, and the major concepts. Any penny stock listing is useless if you don't know how to translate them. And to do that, you have to understand the back and front ends. Along that path you will be encountering so many stock market terms that may be alien to you. Terms like the PE ratio, ticker signs, liquidity, etc. Understand them and learn them by heart.

- Have a realistic commitment of your investment money. Your stock list is supposed to showcase the hot stocks to bid. However, the list can change overnight. What is hot today may not be hot tomorrow and that happens all the time. Always double check on which penny stock you think is most likely to expect profit for you.

- Update yourself. Your penny stock listing cannot exist alone. It needs partners. Because in this business, the survivors are not the rich, the smart, and the strong. The successful investors are those who keep track of constant changes. These are the stock market trends.

If you read between the lines, these tips only mean one thing. That what makes you rich is not because you have a penny stock listing that guarantees success. What success means is dependent on how much work you are willing to put in your business. The ingredients to success are knowledge, rational analysis, and a roster of facts. If you want to be rich is really all up to you. - 23212

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