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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

7 Easy to Follow Get Out Of Debt and Make More Money Tips

By James Douglas

Getting into debt is always a lot easier than getting out of it. Being into debt can be a very hard life experience. As long as you must endure it you should also learn how to manage your personal finances better in the future. Here are just 7 get out of debt tips to get you going on the right path:

1)Stop spending money on junk you don?t need. You have to desire this with all your heart if you want to succeed. You don?t need a new flat screen TV if the old one still works. This goes for the personal computer too. We live in a gadget crazed world and it can be very easy to buy a lot of stuff that you really don?t need. Ladies think twice if you really need an extra pair of shoes. I know they match the new blouse you have just bought but maybe you would be a lot better off by not buying either.

2)Once you get out of debt don?t start spending like crazy. 50% of all your money should go to work making more money for you. Learn how to manage your money and how to put it to work. As time passes you will become a more skilful money manager and each dollar will become ten in your hands.

3)Add up all the money you owe and create a schedule for paying off each and every debt that you are currently having. Map it all out and then get to work on doing everything in your power to make the plan become reality.

4)Find other ways of entertainment instead of an expensive night out drinking lots of booze. Your body and your wallet will thank you. You could start visiting your relatives or you friends instead of spending a wild night out. As long as you owe money you should stop spending money on entertaining. There are lots of ways to amuse yourself without spending money.

5)Always be on the lookout for new and better ways to make or save even more money. Seek better ways to manage and invest your money and you will become a money master in no time. That way you will be able to get out of debt super fast.

6)Create a budget and try to stick to it. It can be quite a challenge but if you put your mind to it I am sure you will succeed. Make sure that each end every dollar that lands in your hand has a clear purpose. That way you will be much more focused and you will know exactly what you have to do with the money you make.

7)Learn to create a realistic budget. To do this you can even solicit the services of a consumer credit counseling service. That way you will be sure that your budget is rock solid and that all you have to do is follow it. - 23212

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