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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saving Your Home Or Money By Refinancing

By James Weekson

People who have an existing mortgage should seek to keep their homes even in stressful economic times. Allowing your mortgage companies to foreclose your property is a bad idea. If you did not already know, not doing anything just grows your debt exponentially because of interests being compounded. If you can no longer afford your monthly mortgage payments, there's a better way to keeping your property than doing nothing: refinancing.

Basically, refinancing is when you take on a second mortgage in order to pay off the existing mortgage loan. However, recently that has changed and refinancing is now a strategy for restructuring troubled debt since it allows creditors to collect money on bad debt while the debtor is relieved of some financial burden.

Under those circumstances it is possible to refinance by playing with three key factors of interest. Those are the principal, period for repayment and the interest rate. After applying to refinance your mortgage then the present value of that loan is calculated and this value consists of the original unpaid principal of the original loan, accrued interest and any applicable fees.

Once the new principal is fixed then you need to negotiate a new interest rate and most often the rates allowed will depend upon the current market averages. The market rates always fluctuate, but refinancing is usually a good move when the rates are low. If refinancing is done in order to restructure debt that is causing trouble, then the interest rate is negotiable regardless of what the conditions on the market are.

In all cases, when a refinance bears a lower interest rate than the original mortgage. This allows the debtor more affordable monthly payments. During times when market rates are high, creditors make up for the difference by allowing a longer repayment period.

The creditors more than likely will make money on the refinanced mortgage. However, that doesn't really matter if you already were having trouble with the first existing mortgage. The increments in which the total interest increases until the mortgage is paid off is still in most cases a bargain and especially if you will be able to pay your monthly mortgage and keep your home.

Recently, though, refinancing mortgages now has a different meaning for those who own a home. Even though refinancing is mostly a way of restructuring a troubled mortgage, there are those who use it as a way to save on interest payments. The same factors still play a role in this case and they are the interest rates, repayment period and principal loan amount.

Many homeowners choose to renegotiate their existing mortgage to take advantage of the low interest rates and in doing so also shorten the repayment time period, assuming that they can comfortably afford the higher payments each month. This also is favorable to the bank or mortgage company, since repayment is speeded up thus reducing the risk of defaults and foreclosures. Banks in particular like cash versus inventory as it costs more to upkeep. - 23212

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