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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Are Tax Lien Certificate Sales A Good Idea?

By William Stone

The financial world of the last eighteen months has not been too trusting. It has made the average investor reluctant to make any changes in their portfolio, if they have anything left. Many don't. Those who do have monies left to invest are not so sure they want to go with a new idea that may sound wonderful, but could collapse in a year or so. Trust is a big issue in today's investment world. Tax lien certificate sales may sound like a possibility for a young couple, maybe in their early thirties with some money to put away. But as they read about it, they get confused and do not know where to begin.

Tax lien certificate sales basically comes in two forms: 1) Tax Deed OTC Lists and Tax Lien OTC Lists. If there are homes that have gone into foreclosure, the county takes possession of the title to the deed and puts the home up for auction. If the home does not sell at auction, you can purchase the Tax Lien after the redemption period has started. You can ultimately foreclose on the home if the lien is not paid. If the lien is paid, you get your money back plus interest.

Tax Deed certificate sales can be purchased from the county for the delinquent taxes after the redemption has expired. You are free to sell it, fix it up and sell, etc.

Reputable organizations will have lists of properties in foreclosure all over this country and the world. Since this sort of investment is pretty mind boggling, they are here to help you. Of course, you have to pay an entry fee to join their organization, but the promise of high returns on your investment is pretty high. One organization promises a trial return profit of 1000% on your $200 investment. Others promise that some land goes for as low as $1000 and houses for as low as $5000. The Internet is full of organizations and clubs who offer to help you to invest your money. Others insist you go to someplace like Schwab, or to a local investor. It is your money, you have worked hard to earn it.

Tax lien certificate sales is a good way to make some good money, but be cautions, and be sure you are confident with your investor before you invest all of your money into one fund. Good Luck. - 23212

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