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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recession Busting; The JP Morgan Way!

By Gavin J. King

Apparently JP Morgan is hearing a different news report than most of the nation, as it recently announced plans to hire about 1200 loan officers across the nation. JP Morgan should be a familiar name to you since they are the Wall Street bank who used taxpayer dollars to acquire Washington Mutual for pennies on the dollar when the real estate market started crashing. Remember them now? Pretty sure it helped out.

JP Morgan also purchases the fallen Wall Street foe, Bear Stearns, after Bear was rejected for bailout fund by former Goldman Sachs head Ben Bernanke and his crony, Hank Paulson.

The central strategy for hiring the additional 1200 loan officers is to place them across the country in loan centers and banks, for easy access to all real estate markets. The confusing part is the reasoning for the hiring decision. The explanation states that they can render the best service to people seeking home loans and be best positioned for when the real estate market does in fact turn around. They said that without using as many words.

All of this leads you to ask exactly what are they seeing that so many other are apparently not seeing? They are hiring when it seems every other business is laying people off? That does not make any sense to me, unless they know something not many other people do.

To get to the heart of the matter, I will make my main point. The largest banks in the U.S., including JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, have been deliberately holding back on funding to create a sense of urgency on the real estate market for buyers and sellers.

Given that these kinds of illogical moves are typically seen when the CEO of a company dumps his stock the day before the company goes public with some bad report, we may be seeing the end of a suppressed real estate market very soon! - 23212

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